Sachidanand Chaubey & Jeevan Desai's Story

by Vipul Dhuwad

This is my personal story and I would like all of you to go through it.

Sachidanand  gives credit to his children for his Noble Act ………


Sachidanand Chaubey, a father of three college-going kids, lives in a joint family at Boisar.


We, at Narmada Kidney Foundation, applaud the act of Sachidanand. He being O Positive (Universal Donor) could have easily donated his kidney to his wife Preeti (B’ blood group) who needed kidney transplant for her kidney failure. However Sachidanand decided to offer his kidney to another patient Jeevan Desai. Jeevan  being ‘O’ group could not take kidney of his wife Sheetal (B positive) who was willing to offer because of incompatible blood groups.


Sheetal donated her kidney to Sachidanand’s wife Preeti in exchange of Sachidanand’s kidney to her husband Jeevan.


(Sachidanand Chaubey (first from right) donated a kidney to Jeevan Desai. Sheetal Desai (first from left) donated a kidney to Preeti Chaubey.

Such swapping seldom happens. When we asked Sachidanand how he agreed to give his kidney to Jeevan instead of his wife, he said, “The credit should go to my children, who encouraged me to donate to Jeevan, who was in dire need of an ‘O’ group kidney. Luckily, I could meet that requirement.”


Jeevan and Sheetal Desai from Powai met Sachidanand and Preeti Chaubey from Boisar at one of the transplant workshops regularly organised by Narmada Kidney Foundation,


Jeevan had already registered for swap at a registry maintained by the Foundation,


Such problem arises when patients fail to get a donor from within their families and have to register for a cadaver transplant. On an average, around 3,500 kidney transplants are carried out inIndiaannually. This is hardly one per cent of the actual number of kidney failure cases reported, and a larger number of people are forced to continue living on dialysis. ”The numbers can change, provided the government makes the processes hassle-free. Currently, donors and recipients have to endure numerous documentations and have to seek approval of various medical bodies before the surgery. If these procedural aspects were made less cumbersome, many would benefit.


In this particular case, the couples had met in April 2012, while the completion of formalities and securing of approval took many days. Transplant took place in August 2012. All of them are doing very well.  


We found new hope in living…………………


I am Nasir Kasim Shah 22 years old. I am a mechanical engineer. I had a good job. Suddenly one day in Feb 2009, I came to know that I had an advanced stage of Chronic Kidney Disease for which doctor asked me to plan for kidney transplant or else lifelong dialysis.

Unfortunately there was no one in my family having same blood group as mine. Doctors put me on dialysis.

Once I went to Narmada Kidney Foundation, where I met Mr. Rajni. He asked my  & my family members bloog groups & informed me about the option of swap transplant.  I registered for swap transplant. He arranged my meeting with Mr. P.C John and her wife Molly John. They also had same problem. We (I & My father) found new hope in living.


Foundation also helped us prepare all the documentations for transplant as early as possible. However getting NOC from police station & permission from the committee atSt.GeorgeHospitaltook almost a month.


We hope all these procedure can be made easy for a patients like us who already face so many medical problems. For us every day is important.


It took almost three months before I could get the transplant surgery on 1st Dec 2011.


I am very thankful to the staff & volunteers at  Narmada Kidney Foundation not only  for guiding us for kidney transplant but supporting me at every stage. May God give them all they want in life & help more patients to live theire life in better way. 

-  Mr. Nasir Kasim Shah


Sachidanand Chaubey & Jeevan Desai
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