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NKF is organising events that occur throughout the year to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation and prevention of kidney disease.

World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day is a global health awareness campaign focusing on the importance of our kidneys and reducing the frequency and impact of kidney Disease and its associated health problems worldwide. The campaign is celebrated every year on the second Thursday of March in more than 100 countries in 6 continents. Every year the campaign highlights a specific aspect of the Kidney.

Around World Kidney Day foundation organizes multiple workshops & kidney screening camps for general public where people are screened for diabetes, high blood pressure as well as kidney function tests (CBC, S. Creatinine & urine routine)

Organ Donors Day

Donating a part of the body to a near and dear relative is a very courageous act. This act has led to so many people with ESKD being alive today. Truly, for those who have received the kidney it is a ‘gift of life’. As a mark of respect to these courageous donors, the foundation has created a unique and special program to mark this day and celebrates 30th November as ‘ Organ Donor’s day’ since the year 1997.

The Organ Donors Day celebration includes felicitating donors who have courageously and lovingly donated his/ her organ to the near and dear relative .Even the families of cadaver donors are felicitated for their generous act of consenting to donate the organs of their near relative.

Transplant Games

The foundation organized its 1st Transplant Games in Mumbai on 25th December 2008. The mission of the Transplant games was to show everyone that Life of both recipients and donors, after a transplant can be healthy and active. The donor participation proved that gifting a Kidney does not incapacitate them and they do lead a normal and active life.

Recipients showed that they lived life in full swing. They were the source of motivation and hope to all those awaiting their turn for transplants. They proved the fact that ‘Life can be lived the way it was before transplantation’.

Entertainment Programs

The foundation has been organizing annual Entertainment Programs such as Picnics, Special Film Shows and Musical Programs etc. During one day picnic various entertaining activities (games, music, singing etc.) are arranged. Winners & participants receive attractive prizes. This also gives them platform to showcase their talents and skills.

Meals are prepared under guidance of our dietician. These picnics are well attended and all participants enjoy thoroughly. Besides entertainment such programs bring the feelings of togetherness, which is very important in coping with this chronic disease.

Diet workshop and cooking contest

Diet plays an important role in management of a Kidney patient. Planned diet has a beneficial effect in retarding the progress of kidney disease if followed at early stage. However patients neglect this aspect till kidney function becomes very poor.

In order to create awareness on this aspect, foundation has been regularly organizing the diet workshops and cooking contests. Here experts explain the principles of dietary modifications & dietitians give practical tips to follow those dietary principles.

The foundation has started a small unit which prepares appropriate healthy bites (variety of khakharas, Dry Bhel, Chevda etc.) for healthy, obese, diabetes and high blood pressure patients under the guidance of its in house nutritionist.


The cooking contests are organized Patients & their family members prepare innovative recipes for these cooking contests. The winners in each categories receive attractive gifts & winning recipes are published in foundation’s quarterly newsletter ‘Kidney Care’.


  • Sugar Free – Wheat Biscuts
  • Sugar Salt Free – Singhada Halwa
  • Sugar Salt Free – Dholi Muesli Chilla

Do you have something special to cook? send your details to us.

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