It was 05th May 2007. My wife was told by the gynecologist that she would need a cesarean delivery .While she was taking the second opinion by other gynecologist she needed some tests. Doctor told me to come after some time. I was wandering here and there and saw a sonography clinic. I was suffering from eye pain and told by the ophthalmologist to go for a kidney sonography to confirm why my BP is so high. So I went for it. The Sonographer told me to collect the findings after five hours.

My wife needed a cesarean operation. Same day she was admitted to her regular gynecologist clinic. It was very exciting for me. I was going to become a father.

Few of my close friends gathered at the hospital to celebrate the birth . At 8 o’clock in the evening I was informed that a girl child is born. I took her in my hands and was mesmerized to see the cute little baby. I was full of joy.

Then I recalled that I needed to collect the sonography findings. I told all that I will be back in few minutes and went to the sonography center.

There, a sad news was waiting for me. My both kidneys were shrinking. I felt like darkness has embraced the bright vibrant happiness of mine. I returned to the clinic and found that more of my friends and neighbors were gathered at the hospital and was asking for a grand celebration. I told nothing about the kidney findings to anyone and joined the celebration. Happiness was certainly much much more for me than the sadness .

Then started the visits to the local nephrologist. Luck was not favoring me and I got a very bad bronchitis . Blood was coming out with spits. My parents were terrified and they caught the very next flight to Mumbai to see me.

I was admitted to the Fortis hospital and a catheter was clamped at my neck. I was on dialysis and needed to make a fistula for a more convenient dialysis. I went for it but in few days my fistula burst. I went through a lot of pain to clean that infected blood and a new fistula was made in my other hand. Sadly it was also not good enough. I was having so many infections and doctor told me to go for the transplant or anything can happen.

I lost all hopes .But as it is said that the darkest night have the brightest stars .Somehow my wife read about Narmada Kidney foundation on net and my father went to attend the seminar.

Dr. Bharat Shah told me that transplant can be done successfully .Dr. Prashant comforted me and told in details how it will be done. I saw rays of hope.

In few months transplant was done successfully. My mother donated the kidney and gave me the second life .

I am a stock trader, a freelance journalist and a singer. I am as healthy as anyone. I truly find myself fortunate to meet Dr. Bharat shah who is like the god for me. In my darkest night he emerged as the brightest star and without him, perhaps, I would have been not alive. I would take this opportunity to express my gratitude to this great man .Whenever I see him a couplet runs in my mind ,

हमने देखा है कई ऐसे खुदाओं को यहाँ,
सामने जिनके वो सचमुच का खुदा कुछ भी नहीं

Written By : Ranjan Ravi (A Kidney Transplant)


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