An Engineer, a writer, an actor, a director, a travel enthusiast, a sports person and a kidney patient!

It is difficult to believe that a kidney transplant patient like me can do so many hats. I am not surprised when at times I am asked ‘who is the patient’ by people who do not know me. In fact I am glad that I can do so much despite missing one important organ in my body and having borrowed another.

When I underwent a transplant, I too, like every patient was worried. But if there is anything I believe in, other than the power of the Almighty, is the saying ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’. Every person has some or the other shortcomings. How we perceive our physical inadequacies is what governs our actions and behavior in future. I believed that I could do all that and a lot more even after the transplant and thus I am here today. I had 2 options – to draw into a shell and live each day fearfully or to face & conquer each day to live. I chose to do the latter.

The moment I left the hospital, I knew it was my new life and I had to start afresh. Within 6 months of my transplant, I played my first ever table tennis tournament and reached the finals! That motivated me to do even more and ever since I have been unstoppable. The next 2 years I won medals in the table tennis competition at transplant games. Within 8 months of my transplant, I participated in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon Dream Run for Narmada Kidney Foundation.

Within 9 months of my transplant, I wrote a book on my experiences. I wanted to motivate my fellow patients and give them hope for a bright future. I am now the author of 2 published books. And there is still the ambition to write more.

Within a year from the transplant, I was doing everything that a ‘normal person’ can do. I acted on stage, arranged plays for Narmada Kidney Foundation and was even a part of radio and TV  shows.

I live like any common man. I change 2 buses to get to work, travel from one end of the city to another, and do tours for project work. I walk back home from my bus stop which is a good 15-20 minutes of exercise one way. On weekends I go for a walk to Shivaji Park or within the vicinity.

On personal front, the transplant has not stopped me from spending time with my family. I go shopping with my family. I attend all the family events where I participate in the cultural activities such as a short play or I compare the event. I even go on vacations with my family – recently I travelled to Nairobi Kenya to meet my daughter and even did a wild life safari there.

If there is anything that this transplant has taught me, it is that illness is a state of mind. A strong mind and will to do more is all it takes to reinvent your life. I live every moment of my life to the fullest because I know what it means to lose life. And now that I have got a second chance, I wish to add much more to my achievements and live a happy and a healthy life!


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  1. Inspiring…. Gives hope to many people not to think life has ended before transplant… It is just a new start.

  2. Fantastic Rajanbhai, your zest for life is amazing and infectious. Even I learned something new about you after reading this. Keep living life King size and keep inspiring many others to do the same. Your work for the Narmada Kidney Foundation gives back so much to others in a similar situation as you. Wish you a joyous and long healthy life!

  3. Your story will inspire those who have lost their hopes of life. Bravo Sirji. साष्टांग दंडवत!

  4. You are inspiration to others!…. Truly, your example will lead other patients to change their perspective towards their problem in positive way …. Great going Mr. Patkar. God bless!!

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