There are certain precautions that everyone should take during the sunny and warm summer months. If you have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), you will need to take a few additional steps to protect your health in the Summer time or when visiting warmer climates.

  1. Go outside & get moving: Sunny summer days are ideal for going outside and exercising. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting a summertime exercise routine. Walking & yoga are two activities that put only minimal stress on the body.
  2. Keep good fluid balance: Check with your dietitian or healthcare team for guidance about your fluid intake and whether it should be adjusted on days that you spend more time outdoors. Be careful of very cold beverages, which can cause stomach cramps. It is best to avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol or ingesting large amounts of sugar. A large portion of the world lacks access to safe water and many diseases that adversely affect kidneys are water-borne. Studies have shown that people drinking sodas on daily basis have higher risk of developing some level of CKD. This is because soft drinks increase the level of protein in the urine, which is considered an early marker of Kidney damage. We encourage everyone to make healthy choice of clean healthy water instead of soft drinks.
  3. Wear hat: Try to stay cool by wearing a hat or wet bandana around your neck to help control your thirst.
  4. Save your skin from Sun exposure: Everyone should wear sunscreen & apply it liberally. Unprotected Sun exposures can cause skin damage. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.
  5. Wear Sunglasses: Sunglasses protect your eyes in the same way that sunscreen protects your skin from harmful Sun damage. Your Sunglasses should be block at least 99% UVB rays & 50% of UVA rays.
  6. Eat healthy summer foods: Research shows that, fruits & vegetables are important for good health, yet most people do not eat enough. Summer is the perfect time to fill your plate with Kidney-friendly foods that are low in phosphorus and potassium. Remember to practice portion control as all fruits and vegetables contain some potassium. Here is a list of fruits & vegetables that can add color & flavor to your Kidney diet:


FRUITS:   Blackberries / Blueberries / Cherries / Grapes / Peaches / Plums / Raspberries / Strawberries / Watermelon

VEGETABLES:  Carrots / Cauliflower / Cucumber / Eggplant / Green Beans / Lettuce / Onion / Peppers (sweet & bell) / Potatoes (leached) / Snow Peas / Summer Squash / Radishes


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